Eight Ways To Resolve Those Dangerous Ovarian Cysts!

Don’t rush yourself into having a surgical treatment or dive right away to take medications, try the alternative & natural ways to deal with the ovaries first. Taking this route, a person heals the cysts and prevents them from returning in the future.

When a cyst is formed, physicians advise is to wait around and keep track of it, if it is disappearing or no. For the moment you will get pain relievers and eventually a surgical treatment.

Luckily, as the physician monitor this, you can try with the natural & organic curing and steer clear of the probable surgical treatment.

You will be able to save money, and you will additionally feel absolutely no side effects.


To get rid of the cyst, you need to balance and level the hormones in your body. Additionally, you need to eliminate the factors that may trigger the cyst. Xenoestrogen and estrogen exposure poses a risk, interrupts the ovulation and create cysts.


  • Coconut: it has estrogen and that can trigger a hormonal instability in your body.
  • Hot foods stored within plastic containers: This are known to contain xenoestrogen that when heated its released and please always use a glass cup.
  • Plastic drinking water bottle
  • Skincare parabens: they are also found present in many meals, but not as concentrated as in the cosmetics/make up products. When cosmetics are applied on your skin, your body absorbs the parabens much faster.


  • Organic dairy/meat: evade the added artificial additives in the dairy products and meat, unless you would like few new cysts. This would be a direct result of you increasing the estrogen levels in your body.
  • Natural detergent: mainly they consist of xenoestrogen chemical substances that goes through your skin as well as your clothes.
  • Herb plant cures: the best herbs enhance the menstrual cycle, improves the blood flow to the related organs, decrease aches, as well as refresh the much-used liver organ. In addition they do eliminate the extra hormones as well as toxins from your body.
  • Mancha root: this root produces much more progesterone, eat 2000-3000 each day.
  • Black cohosh root: It decreases the ovary discomfort and manages the cycle period too.
  • Milk-Dairy thistle seed: it balances your bodily hormones as well as your liver organ work.
  • Vitex: it greatly improves the ovulation, it helps with hormone balance, and gives you much better cycle timing.
  • Yarrow: it helps you to have much better cycle timing and also less pelvis congesting.


Consider using a castor essential oil pack. Have a cloth, then soak the cloth in castor oil and apply on your pores and skin. This cures your organs as well as tissues, thus improving the blood flow of your reproductive system. Nevertheless never use it on wounds/injured areas or in case you are pregnant/breastfeeding.




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