Detox Your Lungs: Follow These 8 Tips To Recover From Respiratory Issues!

The lungs are one of the most significant organs in our body, but few of us pay any attention to them. Environment pollution, smoking cigarettes along with other factors such as poor diet, can significantly damage your lungs and weaken our ability to breathe correctly, which will eventually lead to life-threatening issues. Everything that gets into our lungs goes into our bloodstream, and for that reason, maintaining clean lungs is crucial for their proper functioning, as well as for our overall health.

There are various things that can be done to improve our lung capacity and decrease lung cancer risk as well as other respiratory issues.

Detoxify your lungs naturally using these 8 tips listed below:

Drinking water

You already know that drinking a lot of water is extremely important for your health and highly recommended by experts. However staying hydrated at all times by consuming 8-10 glasses a day (or 6 at the minimum), is very important for your lungs too. Drinking enough water can prevent bacterial infections and get rid of the excess mucus in your lungs. And if you don’t like the flavor of ordinary water, then add some fresh vegetables or fruits in it to improve it.

Maybe the following recipe can help:

Lemon and cucumber detoxification water:


  • A glass of fresh water
  • half a lemon
  • 6-8 cucumber slices
  • A handful of mint leaves


Put all the ingredients in a bowl, stir well and leave the mix in the refrigerator overnight to absorb all the flavors. Drink this flavored water every day to detoxify your lungs and boost their functionality.

Lemon, peppermint, and ginger

Lemon water is among the best natural cleansers because it contains plenty of antioxidants along with other nutrients like vitamin C, which can eliminate harmful bacteria in your air passage and maintain the lungs clean and healthy. Add some lemon, peppermint, and ginger in a jug of fresh water and drink the mix when you get up in the morning to eliminate all the toxins trapped in your lung area. For the same result, you can also consume several cups of peppermint or ginger tea every day.

Breathing exercises

Practicing deep breathing can help you clean the toxins from your lungs. This will also increase the blood flow to the lungs. It is recommended to practice breathing in deeply, holding your breath as long as you can, and then breathing out in one long exhale. Apart from deep breathing exercises, physical exercises can also open up your lungs, improve their capacity, and stimulate the heart.

Natural cleaning products

The products that we are using for cleaning are full of toxins and chemical substances that can harm our overall health. Many of these products can contribute to asthma and many other respiratory problems. That’s why you should always read the label when you’re buying cleaning products, and choose the ones that don’t contain fragranced and flammable ingredients. Additionally, make sure to air out your home frequently by opening your windows and doors, especially when you clean.

A hot eucalyptus shower

You can open up your lungs and get rid of the harmful toxins simply by taking a hot shower or bath with eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus contains very strong antioxidant and antiseptic which can help you to ease the coughs and common colds. It’s also great for clogged sinuses, alleviate your chest congestion or a sore throat.

Quit smoking

As you probably already know, smoking cigarettes can do serious damage to your wellness and especially to your lungs. It is not easy to just stop smoking, but you can find some way to help yourself. Drinking a lot of fresh water and following a diet regime full of vegetables and fruits can help, for example. You should also avoid smoky rooms, as well as people who smoke. Cigarettes are quite harmful to the general health, not just for the lung health. They contain tar along with other carcinogenic chemical substances.

Grape juice

Consuming fresh grape juice at least once a week could significantly improve your lungs function. Grape juice will cleanse your lungs from harmful toxins since it contains really potent anti-oxidants which will help reduce the irritation and inflammation within your lungs.

Avoid foods that produce mucus

Soy, wheat, and dairy products can increase the production of mucus in the lungs which means that it’s better to stay away from all of them. In addition, they are much harder for your body to digest, which is another reason why you should stop eating them and start consuming foods that are rich in fiber and antioxidants instead. These much healthier foods will certainly improve your digestive function and also boost your lungs function.

Having healthy lungs is extremely important for our wellbeing. Following these 8 tips will help you detox your lungs, improve their function and capacity, and also maintain your overall health.




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