A Dermatologist Said To Remove Brown Spots Of Face And Skin With This Trick

Many people have brown spots on skin and this makes them feel unattractive.

This appears on shoulders, arms, legs, face and might increase in number.

Many lotions and creams are sold, for removal, but they are not good and have chemicals too.

Then again, we have safe and natural cure.

This recipe is by dermatologist who swore this helped many people.

Just get ACV and onion juice.

Blend the onion and get the juice to strain, add ACV and apply on skin.

The onion juice cures skin issues and stops skin damage since it has antioxidants. ACV detoxes and has hydroxy acid for dead skin cells and skin health.


Chop an onion, mix in some acv in blender and get smooth mix.

Soak cotton and rub the skin with this.

For better results, do this daily for 30 days. You will be amazed even in the first 7 days.

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