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Dandelion Root Can Make Blood Stronger, Immunity Boosted And Cure Lung Or Prostate Cancer

Dandelion is the flower found everywhere. Is of the weed family and a great medicine. Root and leaves both offer cures. The root has minerals like mg, potassium, silica, calcium, iron, chlorophyll, sulfur. Also has inulin and mucilage for digestion, removal of toxins and clean liver. The leaves have vitamins K, A, C, B6, E, B1.

A study showed that this root kills 98% leukemia cells after 48 hours. Dr. Carolyn hamm from Windsor regional center, Ontario, Canada, said the root helped in myelomonocytic leukemia. John Di Carlo her patient had aggressive curing and meds for leukemia and had to be home. Then he tried dandelion root tea and in 4 months he got in remission. All were amazed. Also the herbalist, Maria Treben said this tea cures even cancer.

Studies said this root extract attacks cancer in 48 hours and new healthy cells appear.

Others said this is anticancer  for prostate, breast, colon, leukemia, lung and liver cancer. Skin and brain cancer are not affected though.

Our immunity controls cells and if the immunity is good, cancer is not seen. If immunity is bad, cancer is seen. Dandelion is phytochemical and makes immunity and blood stronger. Always doctors say to opt for chemo or radiation, but this makes bad appetite, no immunity and stamina.

How to pick dandelion root

This is harvested all year long and plucked off soil. Leaves are then cut off and earth is gently erased. The root must not be damaged or washed. Dry this at sun or 100 degrees or incubator. After 5-6 days, use it.

Dry root has active chemicals that are healthy. Keep the root in a jar, cold and dry place.

Best is to get it as powder. Scoop tsp daily and mix with water. Never add this in soda or hot drink. This makes immunity  better in 3 weeks less or more. Then cancer is slowly fought. This is just nature cure, not 100% miracle. If the cancer is present, it means it needs medicines.

Source and image source: healthiestalternative.com



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