Cures For Mouth Ulcers – Natural And DIY

Mouth ulcers hurt a lot and irritate us. They are open mouth sores inside, white or pink and red. They are on cheek insides, lips, above teeth, under tongue and mouth floor too.

Many reasons make this;

  • Minor – most common for 80% of people, they heal in week or 10 days
  • Major- large ulcers in 10% of people, named also aphtous stomatitis. Also aphtous ulceration. They can make even bigger sores and cause great pain
  • Herpetiform ulcer- really aching and due to herpes simplex virus. This can recur often and women get this more than men. They cluster in even 100 small ulcers.

Causes for this

  • Stress
  • Bad mouth hygiene
  • B12 and C, iron deficits
  • Food allergy
  • Herpes
  • Bites
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Bowel issues
  • Skin issues
  • Secret health issues

Home cures

  1. Coconut milk for gargling few times daily
  2. Boil some coriander and use the cooled water to gargle 4 times daily
  3. Gargle with cold water and then with warm water.
  4. Boil a cup fenugreek leaves in 2 separate cups. Strain and cover with lid. Then gargle.
  5. Boil cup water and add coriander seeds a small spoon. Remove from heat and wait to cool. Gargle 3 times daily.
  6. Get two spoons aloe and apply 3 times daily.
  7. Chew basil, so take 6 basil leaves and soak them in water 6 times daily.
  8. Chew 6 leaves holy basil all day long
  9. Have raw tomato to eat. Also gargle with the tomato juice.
  10. Apply camphor and sugar on the sore. This is from 7 parts mishri, sugar candy, 1 part camphor.
  11. Apply glycerine and turmeric, so mix 1 tsp glycerine and turmeric.
  12. 1 tsp honey and ¼ tsp turmeric for a paste to apply
  13. Eat curd and banana before breakfast
  14. Massage the gums with honey and coconut oil
  15. Mix paste of Indian gooseberry for the sore twice a day
  16. Make antiseptic mouthwash with tea tree oil and 1/3 cup water. Gargle half minute and spit.
  17. Mix ½ tsp salt and cup water. Swish and gargle, spit.
  18. Soda bicarbonate also helps
  19. Dab drops tea tree oil on the sore and remove redness and irritation.
  20. Use cranberry juice or its tea.
  21. Use plain yoghurt.
  22. Eat fresh salads and onions.


-soft brushes for teeth, 3 times daily

-after meals, have cranberry tea

-drink using straws for cold drinks

-eat yoghurt, ice cream, custard


-no hot and spicy

No hot drinks like coffee

And no cigarettes and alcohol

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