Cure For Anything – Honey And Baking Soda For Serious Issues

Many people if not everyone has baking soda and honey at home. It can be a bit abrasive in structure and cleans sink and dishes stains, even fruits and veggies, removes carpet odors and refrigerator odors too and is used for baking, the baking soda in particular.

Honey also has many medical benefits and was used as such centuries back. It is golden elixir used in Egyptians time too. It is in our kitchens and removes bacteria and fungi.

Benefits always depend on the honey type.

It is weird to mix maple, honey and baking soda, but this even though sugar, it is healing.

Baking soda makes neutral cancer cells and cancer cannot grow with no sugar. Maple or honey cures cancer different, know that sick cells need 15 times more sugar to grow. The soda kills cancer cells due to the syrup.

To make the cure

You need:

Honey or maple

Baking soda


Mix 3 parts honey and 1 baking soda. Make smooth mix and cook with low heat for 10 min. consume.


Have this all day long and for 30 days, have 3 spoons daily, also avoid flour, sugars, meat and such.

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