Clean Ovary Cysts With Amazing Recipes

Ovary cysts are sacks of fluid and look like pockets ovaries in every woman. Every woman had ovary problems at one time, even cysts.

The CDC said pre menopause women have them and of all, 14.8% get this after menopause.

These cysts are not lethal and can happen even during periods, and are not contagious.

By nature are benign and have no trigger. Also they are pathological and not lethal but sometimes can cause cancer.

People do not get that these cysts do not harm us deadly. They can bloat the belly, make pain during bowels, cycle and menstruation problems, pelvic pain, sex pain, pain in lower back, pressure in bladder, nausea, vomiting and even infertility.

They appear on their own and in a few months even meds will be needed. Natural methods can also shrink them.

The best 10 recipes are here. Talk with a doctor prior them.


Amazing for belly cramps and ovary issues. Get heat pad, put warm water and place it on the pelvis. After 15 min repeat.

Castor oil pack

Old recipe. This oil cleans toxins and residues. Also lymph gets better and cysts shrank.

Take flannel cloth and make it in 3 layers. It has to cover fully the abdomen. Add castor here, fold the cloth, unfold it. lay down, put this under you and the cloth is over the belly. Add plastic foil, cover this and use a bottle with hot water over that, cover with blanket. Do this 3 times weekly for 3 months.

To remove excess oil, wash the skin with 3 tbsp soda and 4 cups water. Avoid this pack for periods. For conceiving, use this until ovulation tops.

Epsom baths

This removes pains and cysts signs. It has magnesium sulfate and relaxes the muscle cramps. Put 1 cup Epsom in the tub and warm water. Add 10 drops oil (jasmine, rose, lavender). Soak and after 30 min relax.

Chamomile tea

Amazing for pains, and is mild sedative too. Periods will be regular, blood flow better, pelvis and uterus healthy. Add 2 tsp dry chamomile in water to steep 5 min then strain it. add honey a tsp and have 3 cups daily.


This vinegar can shrink the cysts and give potassium. Acv also has potassium and experts claim this. Add a spoon in warm water. Also add spoon molasses and have 2 cups daily of this. It also helps in heavy flow and cramps.


A veggie with betacyanin for liver detox. It is alkaline too and gives acidity. Mix ½ fresh beet juice and 1 tbsp aloe gel, molasses too and drink up prior breakfast.

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