Brown Rice vs, White Rice – Read This!

If we talk about healthy and bad foods, white products are first to mention. Some are healthy some not. White and brown sugar, white and brown flour, white and brown rice too. Most brown items are healthier. But, rice is different.

Brown and white rice

The white rice is bad, but brown rice is good as we know. This is debatable. Let us first talk why brown is considered better than white.

Blood sugar and white rice

People dislike white rice since it raises blood sugar. This is since white carbs are In type of white bread. These all have high GI index.

For rice, color is not the main factor for sugar, but the rice is more important. Color of rice basmati is not important, since rice always has lower GI.

In an article of International journal of food sciences and nutrition, it was said 14 people with good health had 11 rice kinds, basmati and brown too. After a while, they had blood sugar measured. Whether medium index or low.

When the study came out, white basmati was in the low GI index. This just shows rice color is not important for sugar levels.

Phytates and brown rice

The phytates are seen more in brown than white rice. This is not bad, but this makes this inferior to white one.

Phytates can skip absorbing of nutrients and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron and more. These are called anti-nutrients. This mineral prevents issues, but it can provoke some minerals to decrease.

Lots of people think brown is still better and healthier. This is since brown rice has nutrients of different kind, but this is wrong. Brown rice can obstruct the body of some nutrients.

To summarize this, white is better than brown and nutritious.

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