The Best Benefits Of Eggs Eating

Always the public has been fooled by TV about egg eating, they say to us eggs are bad. If you want health, get eggs. They are good, healthy, tasty, have vitamins, minerals and stop brain, heart, stroke damages…

They are nutritious

So, they have minerals, vitamins, proteins, good fats and more.

One egg of 50 g has:

D 10% RDA

A 5% RD

B2 15% RDA

Phosphorus 9% RDA

Selenium 28% RDA

B6 5% RDA

B12 10% RDA

Also they have K, zinc, E, calcium. 6 g protein, 3 g fats, 78 calories.

Eggs benefits

Healthy eyes– eggs are better than carrots. They have lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants in the yolk. This is good for no macular degeneration and eye issues. A study of Tufts university in American journal of clinical nutrition, august 1999 said people who ate whole eggs had more such antioxidants. Always eat the whole egg. The Encyclopedia of life sciences made a column by Alfred Sommer, there it says people with lack A vitamin lost eye sight. So, 500.000 and more people had these signs. Eat whole eggs!

Weight loss-people are scared for eating the whole egg and think this makes weight gain. The Journal again said those who ate eggs for breakfast had more minerals, proteins, vitamins and managed food better. Skip bagel carbs and get eggs. You will eat less calories this way, as it was seen in 36 hours after eggs. To reduce weight by 88 lbs for the year, have eggs. This removes belly fat too.

Muscle and bone strength– when vitamin D is mixed with calcium, you get healthy bones. Also prevention of osteoporosis. Most proteins in eggs make good muscles. The body gets them for muscle mass.

Healthy sharp brain-choline is for healthy brain. The Journal studies 1.391 people ages 36-83. They said choline excess in diets made good memory and cognition. Also choline helps in cognition tests, motor and perception speed and more. This was said in British journal of nutrition with 2000 people ages 70. Also the journal of Federation of American societies for experimental biology, said 90% of USA people have less choline. In one egg you get 35% choline RDA

For no dementia and Alzheimer– heart diseases and cancer of breasts can be prevented this way. It can stop breast cancer and this was said by Department of nutrition, North Carolina university, Chapel Hill. Nutrition reviews journal said in 2009 this is strange. How can an egg have fats and be healthy? Other items are used for breast cancer too, mentioned above.

Eggs and cholesterol

If people care for cholesterol, eggs are not the best, they say.

But this is wrong since eggs affect triglycerides good and cholesterol. So no more old fashioned beliefs.

Eggs have cholesterol, yes. But they are healthy.

In 2008, Upsala journal of medical sciences studies 19 elder people of good health. they all had egg per day. There were no changes in cholesterol. This lasted a month.

Journal LIPIDS in 2003 studies eggs and positive effects. It increased good cholesterol HDL, stops strokes and attack risks.

How many eggs daily?

7 eggs weekly for regular health is ok. No strokes, no heart issues.

If you have diabetes and heart issues, reduce this amount, said Mayo Clinic.

In 2010, Canadian journal of cardiology made a study where it said people in Physician’s health study were involved. They had diabetes after some time and risk for heart issues too with egg daily.

Eat the eggs whole. Eat just whites if you fear cholesterol. But, yolk is just as good remember!

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