Diet & Weight Loss

The Best 10 Foods For Speedy Metabolism And Faster Fat Melting

Metabolism means chemical reactions inside cells of the body. Slow metabolism is for weight gain. Experts said fast metabolism is faster losing weight and having slim figure. You can boost this with these 10 foods.

Avocado– the fat of avocado is amazing. It makes us full until the next meal, also has protein, fiber and good fat. Spread this on sandwich, or add in salad and smoothies. It gives fast energy.

Fiber cereals– they are the perfect breakfast for those struggling with metabolism. They make you fuller longer, digest slow and give slow burn energy. The fibers give insulin balance and do not attach fat.

Jalapeno popper– avoid them if you dislike them. If you like these spices, get them. They have capsaicin and fasten metabolism well. Deep fried jalapenos are unhealthy so get raw peppers. Add them in dishes, bake them or make appetizer.

Lean meat– the lean cut beef and poultry belongs here. They digest long and need energy on them. Fat is burnt easy and fast

Garlic– aromatic, spicy, tasty and healthy. It helps weight loss and studies linked burn of calories with garlic. Always brush teeth after this and gargle with mouthwash too.

Raspberries– these boost metabolism and have good calories. Also you can add them in many meals.

Oranges– they have vitamin C and process fat fast. Also are the perfect snack. Immunity is boosted, metabolism faster and you are fresher. Eat them before workouts for more energy

Salmon– it has good fats, omega 3, nutrients and lowers leptin too. Leptin is the hunger hormone and burning fat hormone. This makes good weight loss and healthy hair and skin.

Green tea– the amazing aroma of green tea and its smell are perfect. Some like it some dislike it, but this burns fat by 17% more. Start the day this way for boost of energy

Grapefruit– some dislike the bitterness, but this has good fibers that give satiety. This breaks fat faster than other fruits. Have it for breakfast

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