The Benefits Of Having Lemon Water – Facts You Did Not Know

Many people love lemons. They refresh us. They are tasty and lemons are used in many ways. Lemon water recipes are the best and can be mixed with honey too.

The best benefits

Healthy digestion– a lot of professionals say good digestion is for the whole health. Lemons have fibers for a healthy colon. Have lemon water in the morning and boost metabolism as you detox in 24 hours.

Hydration– for many centuries salt was used for hydration and every healthy drink had salts, energy drinks with electrolytes were used for rehydration. When you are tired from physical activities you lose minerals and electrolytes like chloride, sodium, potassium and we lose this from the sweat. More water is needed for hydration but we need more than water too.

Good eyesight– kids know that carrots are good for the eyes but lemons are good too. They are from the citrus family and have vitamin C, antioxidants for no macular degeneration and cataracts

Smooth soft skin– this fruit and water makes the skin amazing. It is the perfect for skin health. Lemons have antioxidants for no wrinkles and slower aging.

Healthy liver– for overall health and keeps the liver good. Have this water and remove toxins, get enzymes and remove bad bacteria

Potassium– bananas have this and lemons too. Lemons are considered one of the top 5 mineral sources. This will cleanse kidneys and make heart, brain and muscles better

No illnesses– a cold can be cured with this and lemon water can prevent colds. The vitamin C keeps you safe from illnesses.

No inflammation– when we have some injuries, we have swelling, inflammation and this is normal. If the inflammation is chronic, this makes acidity and illnesses. This water removes acidity and uric acid for inflammation

Better pH– lemons are acidic fruits and make alkalinity in blood. We need acids for digestion and pH and too much acidity makes cholesterol and diabetes.

Speedy metabolism– for weight loss, this is the right recipe. Makes metabolism fast and burns calories. Also you get pectin fiber for satiety.

No coffee, get lemon after waking up– lots of us get coffee after we wake up. This is wrong. Energy from coffee is for 2-3 hours and lemon makes more energy after that. Have this for 2 weeks and feel less need for coffee.

Source and image source: organichealthuniverse.com



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