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Your Belly Is Not Fat Its Just Bloated

Nobody wants a big belly, this also affects the health. it is not natural, looks and feels heavy and also this goes with gasses and aches too. Many people have this problem.

What makes bloating?

Lack of water– many health issues are from this. This gets worse with alcohol and coffee. Drink up at least 8 glasses water daily.

Constipation– eat more fiber foods. Gasses are trapped between feces and have to get out. Eat veggies, fruits, fibers, whole grains, smoothies of berry and no white bread or pastas.

Fast chewing– chew food long enough and avoid bloating. Small bites and take your time.

Stress– the main reason for bloating. When you are stressed, the GI tract is upset and you will get also constipation.

Carbs– avoid loads bad carbs. Avoid coffee, sugars, white flour and pastries, pastas, alcohol. Get more good carbs and produce.

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