Baking Soda And Castor Oil For Healing

The benefits of castor were known centuries back. It is medicinal and cures even 24 issues.

The plant is named ricinuscommunis and is 50% castor oil and some ricinoleic acid.

In ancient Egypt this was used mostly for purging, but also for better blood flow and beauty.

It is amazing for  removing joint pain and improving blood flow. Apply it as compress for best results. You need hot water bottle, some kitchen paper towel and gauze.


Clean the area needed with water and baking soda. Soak the gauze in castor and put it on the skin. Wrap kitchen foil and put the bottle over this. After 60 min rinse the skin. Repeat this every day for 40 days.

This compress also helps in varicose veins, digestion issues, PMS, liver and more.

The best benefits of castor oil – 24 of them

Mix baking soda and castor for lightening skin

Massage it for stretch marks

Heal bruises, cuts, wounds and massage scalp for hair growth

Remove pilonidal cysts

Massage the ankles for sprains and pain

Have 3 drops with water for tinnitus – 4 months treatment

1 drop in eyes for cataracts

Take 5 drops for allergy

Rub the neck and throat with this for nodules and thickening cords

Conjunctivitis and allergy are cured by applying this on the lids before sleep

1 drop in ear for wax plugs

Sip 2 drops for removal of nicotine and curing alcoholism

Massage the feet soles for calluses

Apply on belly for curing diarrhea

Lavender and castor is for relaxing and soothing muscles

Apply on back for cervix pain and lumbar issues

Remove fungi and athlete’s foot

Rub on warts for removal

Rub on chest for snoring

Make alkalinity mixed with baking soda

1 drop castor on bug bites removes itching

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