If You Have Bad Blood Flow, Solve This In 20 min

Regardless of age or gender the blood flow affects many people. Many causes make its damage, like sitting a lot and bad diet.

Health is made with food habits mostly and workouts too. Sitting in bed all day long, fast food makes you unhealthy and obese.

Unhealthy people eat worst diets and have blood flow issues. When the blood is full of fats and toxins, vessels get clogged and trigger illnesses.

See the best workouts that change your circulation along a good diet.

Extension– stretch and do this before bed and after waking up.

Neck workout– relax the neck and tilt head t left as you count to 10. Then to right and vice versa. Neck will be soothed.

Pushups– after the morning shower, do pushups and move the arms

Hand workouts– this makes better blood flow too. Spread fingers, stretch and hold a fist. Loosen joints and spin the hand in round moves, start from shoulder and do it for 60 seconds.

Hikes– walk at least 3 times per week and avoid vein issues too

Dance– workout and mood therapy too. Makes good blood flow and works every body part.

Yoga– for good breathing, more oxygen and better health

Swimming– this is just like a dance, but in water. Also the whole body is worked, safe for any age and best for the joints.

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