Natural Remedies

Ancient German Cure For Clogged Artery, Cholesterol, Infections And Boost In Immunity

This cure is historic and of Germany. It is for better immunity, liver and cleanse. It cures flu and cold too. Also removes cholesterol, atherosclerosis and fatigue.

You need:

Root ginger 4 cm

4 garlic bulbs

Lemon with peel too

2 l water and…


Wash the lemons and cut them tiny. Garlic must be peeled, then in blender add the lemon, ginger and garlic. Make paste and put this in pan. Add water and this simmers. Cool it and strain.


Have a glass per day and before eating too, 2 hours prior. Add honey for aroma. Repeat this for 3 weeks. Pause 7 days and go again 3 weeks.

Results are seen in these 21 days. Freshness, energy. Also better heart, healthier kidneys.

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