Amazing Green Drink For Detoxing

The juices we drink can suppress cravings, and be healthy. You can drink them all day long. But careful, they still have sugars that are natural but are still sugars.

For losing weight, you need deficit of 500 calories daily. These are the best juices you can have and are done in ratios 2:1 with  ice, 2 juice and 1 ice.

The best juices

  • Pear apple
  • Cranberry, grape and prune
  • Pear, apple and pineapple
  • Watermelon and apple
  • Orange and grapefruit

Green juices

  • Dill, spinach, celery, tomato
  • Celery, parsley, ginger, cucumber
  • Tomato, kale, garlic, celery, basil
  • Cabbage, spinach, lemon, celery, dill
  • Garlic, tomato, cayenne, spinach, ginger

Combo juices

  • Green apple, strawberry, cucumber, mint, kale
  • Blueberry, raspberry, mint, cabbage, cucumber
  • Pineapple, orange, mango, watermelon, bell pepper
  • Watermelon, orange, spinach, pineapple, cayenne
  • Lime, ginger, orange, lemon

The juices health benefits

When mixed, fruits and veggies are the best of best. Cucumber cleanses, parsley is diuretic, watermelon makes alkalinity, removes acids and cleans kidneys. For better detox, juice watermelon, cucumber and parsley and add dash of ginger.

Why the juices need to be fresh?

With such juices, you eat less and crave less junk foods. Also these have no additives. Store juices have many chemicals and have less nutrients.  Drink fresh juice all the time!

Source and image source: unknownremedy.com

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