Have Alkaline Water To Improve Digestion, Muscle Cramps Removal, Cancer And Fatigue

You must have heard of alkaline diet foods. foods we eat impact the alkalinity or acidity of us. Acidosis is from too much acidic foods, stress, toxins and pollutants too.

If you are too acidic, you have more risks of cancer, digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain.

This means if you are too acidic for long time, healthy cells also become toxic.

Alkalinity is for overall health

The pH scale is from 0 to 14. 0 is extreme acidic, and 14 most alkaline. Neutral and optimal is 7.0.

We need pH of 7.4 for health.

Various organs and systems have different pH values. Skin is value 5, saliva is 6-7.0.

Digestive organs are 1.5-7.0 and this depends on food too.

The Nobel winner for medicine, Otto Warburg in 1931 said 95% of cancers are from acidic foods. also cancer dies in alkaline body.

Due to this, experts tested pH of foods and drinks we eat.

Acidosis is linked to diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, heart issues, chronic issues.

How to see if you are too acidic

You can regulate the pH with saliva test and also if you notice these signs:


Running out of breath

No air getting

Muscle cramps after short walking

If the pH drops, you reach homeostasis and optimal pH is balance of acidic and alkaline. This makes pH of 7.35.

The acidic items attack normal cells and they get toxic and damaged too.

If you leave this uncured, cells can make metastases and spread more.

How is acidosis fought

Diet is the main health or un-health factor. Acidosis is made from coffee, sugars, fast food. Also additives, hormones, pesticides too.

You have to make some changes and also have alkaline water.

DIY alkaline water

You need;

A glass jar

Spoon Himalayan salt

2 l water

1 lemon


Put the water in the jar and wash then slice the lemon.

Add the lemon with peel and add salt. Cover with lid. Let this sit at room heat for 24h.

Have 3 glasses before breakfast. Also have it all day long. You will have more energy and stamina and skin will become better as brain is clearer.

Also skip sugars, coffee, alcohol, fast foods and have more of this water.

Source and image source: dailyhealthkeeper.com



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