The 9 Signs Of Pressure That We Must Never Ignore

They are:

Bad blood flow


Heavy breathing

Dizzy spells

Pounding in neck and ears


Numb feeling

Bad vision

Urine with blood

More info on pressure signs

If you have some of the signs above, see a doctor. Consult him ASAP and get meds or therapy. Best natural items are omega 3, Hawthorne, potassium for lowering pressure. Also get more info on supplements.

Dietary approaches to stop Hypertension DASH is also a diet for lowering pressure. Patients control pressure with meds mostly and natural sources are recently known.

Natural methods In lowering pressure

  • Healthy eating
  • Workouts
  • Sodium intake less

Reduce salt in foods, claimed studies. DASH diet is best though.

The DASH diet

  • Fresh veggies and fruits
  • Low fat dairy
  • No cholesterol and fatty food
  • More fish, grains, poultry, nuts

We are all different, but we can lower pressure with less salt, healthy diets, workouts and avoiding meds. Luckily, more studies emerge for meds mixing, healthy diets, workouts and more. To find what you like best, talk with a doctor for meds and therapies of this kind.

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