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7 Verified Ancient Methods That Will Eliminate The Negative Energy From Your Home!

Do you often feel exhausted and in a terrible state of mind, or like you simply cannot get things right, no matter how much you try?

No need to worry, there is a solution. People knew about it for hundreds of years, but they often misinterpret it as sci-fi.

Negative energy can have a huge influence on our mood and wellbeing, and it may range in intensity from basic bad vibes to malicious entities. Negative energy can lead to numerous issues and perhaps even totally ruin one’s life.

Bad energy can obstruct your way to satisfaction and happiness in your life and also cause many problems and diseases. However, there are some methods that will help you prevent such issues by eliminating all those negative energies from your home or workplace. To deal with the bad energy around you, you should try these 7 ancient methods listed below:

Essential Oils

By using essential oils, such as lavender, patchouli, and frankincense, your home will smell amazing and at the same time it will be cleansed from the bad energies and filled with positive ones.


Plants, as living sources and spectacular air purifiers, are wonderful cleansers of negative energies. Having plants in your home will increase positivity, boost your inspiration and better your mindset.


It is well-known that with meditation you can attract positive energy in large amounts, and consequently get rid of the negative vibes.

Smudging Ceremonies

Smudging has been practiced for centuries. Burning sage in the home will eliminate the ‘bad ju-ju’. You should burn up the white sage and rotate it in a counterclockwise movement.

Shift the Furniture

You can improve the energy in your home by simply rearranging the furniture. This will allow the energy to flow easily and will open up a path for the negative one to leave the home.


Salt can help to successfully eliminate bad energies. And for that reason, you should sprinkle a little bit of salt on the carpet. This will cleanse the past energies left behind by previous owners and boost the positive energy in your home.

Get rid of the Clutter

Negative energy takes up space just like the unnecessary stuff in your home. Clutter makes it difficult for the energies and vibrations to move around and get out of the home, which leads to accumulation of bad energies. In order to drive the negative energy out from your home, you should get rid of all unnecessary stuff and make room for a large amount of positive energy.

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