Herbs & Oils

The 5 Antibiotics With No Prescriptions

In hospitals there are more and more antibiotics prescribed. These people have bad digestion and worse immunity from this. Remove this issue with natural items.


Garlic– this was used as medicine long time ago. In the 1700s it was for the plague. Removes fungi, viruses, is antibiotic and removes microbes too. Also has antioxidants and removes free radical damage. It improves immunity due to the item allicin for bacteria. Crush it and eat it raw. Or add this in tea and food.

Colloidal silver– this was also famous long time ago. In 1900s the founder of Searle pharma, Alfred Searle, said this silver kills pathogens. He applied this to huamns and saw amazing things. It removes microbes and with no toxicity. Also removes the antibiotic resistant MRSA virus and microbes, SARS and even bird flu.

Oregano oil– this affects pathogens and leaves good bacteria alone. It removes fungi, viruses and is amazing, without making antibiotic resistance. The main item is carvacrol and get this with source of at least 70%

Echinacea– this was used centuries back for infections. It healed wounds, blood toxins, diphtheria and more. Now this cures cold and flu and MRSA

Manuka honey– tasty and healthy, topically it kills MRSA pathogens and flesh eating bacteria.

These are just some cures of nature. Also have reishi, una de gato and pau d’arco, turmeric, olive leaf, cloves, lemons.

Source: justnaturallyhealthy.com



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