Herbs & Oils

4 Plants For Bedroom And Better Sleep

A lot of people have apnea, or sleep insomnia, terrors and more. Sleep apnea is when breathing gets interrupted as you sleep. If this is untreated, you may even stop breathing. So the body and brain will lack oxygen. The 2 sleep apnea types are:

  • OSA obstructive apnea when airpaths are blocked in back of throat and soft tissues collapse.
  • Central sleep apnea when paths are not blocked but brain sends no signals for breathing making instability in respiratory center

This can affect any person, regardless the age. Risk factors are acid reflux, genes, large neck, age over 40, obesity, male, nasal and sinus issues and deviated septum.

Luckily, a natural way can help you here.

Have some of these plants in the bedroom to relax more.

Snake plant– this releases oxygen at night and makes better breathing air

Lavender – it relaxes you and removes anxiety and stress. Also slows down the heart rate and makes good air

English ivy– the easiest to keep and grow. It makes good air, gets toxins, gives oxygen and aids in breathing. Also removes airborne by 94%

Aloe – this plant gives oxygen too and cures insomnia by relaxing you

Source and image source: naturalhealthyteam.com



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