20 Foods Better Than Chemical Painkillers And Meds

We all knowthat in order to be healthy, we need healthy habits and diets. It is useful to consume whole grains, cut down caffeine and sodas and do more exercise!

Sadly, we all eat junk food, semi-done packed meals, sugars over and over. Soy, corn, rice, wheat…

We need a healthier diet. Food can be medicine.

Ginger and muscle pain– a Danish study said ginger removes pain in muscle and joints by whole 63%. Get a tsp daily

Cloves and toothache– experts from UCLA said chew a clove for gum and teeth pains. This is like anesthetic and has eugenol item. Add ¼ tsp clove in any meal to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar too.

ACV and heartburn– get a spoon ACVand 8 oz water before eating. The reflux will be gone fast. Joseph Brasco MD, gastro expert in Colon and digestive disease center, AL Huntsville said ACV contains tartaric acid and malic acid for fat and protein digesting.

Garlic and ear pain– get 2 drops garlic oil, place this in ear for 5 days. University New Mexico stated this beats meds because it has sulfur and selenium to remove bacteria and pain. To make the oil, simmer 3 cloves in ½ tbsp. olive oil and refrigerate no more than 2 weeks.

Cherries for pain in joints and headaches– headache, gouts and arthritis are the common pains. Eat bowl cherries daily to get all the anthocyanins. These work better than ibuprofen and aspirin 10 times more. The PhD and prof. of food science of University Michigan, Muraleedharan Nair said this stops pain enzymes.

Fish and belly aches– IBD, IBS and indigestion can be cured with fish, 18 oz weekly. Get herring, trout, sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon. The biochemist PhD, Barry Sears from Inflammation research foundation of MA Marblehead, said the EPA and DHA remove inflammation with no side effects. Fish can remove cramps, inflammation, and gut pain

PMS and yoghurt-80% of females have PMS claimed Yale experts. This means the nervous system spikes up and down with estrogen and progesterone every month. NY Columbia university said 2 cups of this every day eases PMS by 48%. This drink has calcium for the nerves and hormone pain, claimed MD gyn. Mary Jane Minkin of Yale.

Turmeric and pains that are chronic– this is 3 times better than ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen. Cornell experts said this removes pain by 50% in case of fibromyalgia. Curcuma stops pain hormones, so add ¼ tsp in poultry, rice, meat, veggies.

Oats and endometrial pains– endometriosis is uterus lining growths out of the uterus that make pain. For this get oats to remove pain by 60%. Peter Green, MD prof. of medicine, Colombia University said oats are gluten free and remove any inflammation

Salt and feet pain-cure ingrown nails and soak them in warm salty water in 4 days. Salt erases bacteria, inflammation, germs, swelling. Mix 1 tsp salt, 1 cup water and soak 20 min

Pineapple for digestion– California Stanford university said 1 cup of this fruit juice removes bloating in 3 days with the help of enzymes for protein digestion.

Mint and soreness in muscles– naturopath Stengler Mark MD, author of Natural Physician’s healing therapies said soak in warm water with 10 mint oil drops to remove pain by 25%.

Grapes and back pain-Ohio university said cup grapes can relax vessels and bring more blood to tissues. Thus blood flow is better to the back vertebrae that depends on oxygen

Tomato juice for leg cramp– cramps are from dehydration and lack of potassium. Get 10 oz of this juice

Coffee and migraine– the National headache foundation claims migraine is removed by 40% with coffee.

Flax and breast pain– 3 tbsp flax ground can remove soreness in 3 months. This contains phytoestrogens for removal of estrogen spikes. Add this in yoghurt, veggie dip and oatmeal.

Honey and mouth sores-Dubai experts said honey is dabbed on cold sores to heal them faster by 43%. Honey heals sores with its enzymes.

Blueberries and bladder infection-experts of NJ, Rutgers university said cup of this fruit lowers UTIs by 50%. This fruit contains tannins for removal of bacteria

Horseradish and sinuses-sinusitis is facial pain from congested sinuses. This can drain sinuses well so take tsp 2 times daily

Water and pain of injury-8 oz glass water is the cure. This stops pain, blocks cartilage ends, lubricates joints and discs, claimed PhD, Susan Kleiner.

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