In 10 Minutes I Can Tell You All About Deficit In Vitamin B12

This vitamin is the best essential for humans. It has a role in metabolism and body cells, if we lack it for a longer time we might get neurological issues and more…

So you have to know the first signs of this deficit to treat this on time.

Once you know this, address it.

The 7 warning signs

Dizziness– the first sign is vertigo and dizziness. Walking up and down, standing up all affect this.

Forgetfulness– do you have a hard time remembering simple things? Keys, names…? This is not dementia but can be lack of B12. People think this is dementia or Alzheimer’s but do a blood test and see if that is it.

Weak muscles– if the muscles are weak from easy tasks, you might lack oxygen in the erythrocytes. Bad oxygenation in cells and deficit in B12 makes this. This is why you cannot carry bags…

Pale skin– if you had rosy cheeks and now you have pale skin, you make more bilirubin.

Needles and pins– lack of B12 makes paraesthesia or pins and needles feeling. You will feel tingling, prickling, numb sensation in hands and feet, electric shock waves since nerves are damaged. You have less erythrocytes and less oxygen in tissues.

Strange fatigue-if you used to sleep and now are tired, this is it. It stems from less erythrocytes and less oxygen to organs

Eye issues– long term deficit of this makes damaged vision and also optic neuropathy or damaged optic nerve, less central vision, blur and double vision, light sensitivity, tracers and shadows. Get supplements.

B12 health benefits

No stroke and heart problems– this is the lead death cause in USA and experts said more homocysteine makes more damage to the heart than cholesterol. This is non-protein amino acid that makes inflammation in lack of B12. This vitamin lowers the homocysteine.

No nerve damage– nerves have a cover layer named myelin sheath that keeps toxins away and free radicals away too. Without this, nerves are damaged and killed and thus we get nerve disease. Dead nerves interrupt the signal carrying to brain.

More energy– B12 makes more energy by making cells healthy and fed. Lack of this starves the cells and makes us tired and weak. Metabolism needs this for changing carbs to glucose for energy.

Better digestion– this makes more digestive enzymes and breaks down foods in the belly as it speeds metabolism. It makes good gut bacteria and removes bad bacteria in GI tract. This stops IBD, candida and such.

More erythrocytes and no anemia-this prevents from megaloblastic anemia or weakness and chronic tiredness.

Healthy bones– this is good for those with osteoporosis and bone issues . These people have more homocysteine and as we said B12 reduces this and is amazing supplement.

Natural B12 sources

The best foods for B12:

  • Chicken liver and beef – 81 mg in 3 oz
  • Salmon- 19.5 mg in 1 fillet
  • Herring- 18.7 mg in 143 g
  • Mackerel- 15.3 mg in 3 oz
  • Sardine- 13.3 mg in 1 cup
  • Tuna- 9.3 mg in 3 oz
  • Trout- 9.1 mg in 1 fillet
  • Yoghurt- 1.3 mg in container
  • Turkey- 1.1 mg in 3 oz
  • Raw milk- 1 mg in a cup
  • Beef tenderloin- 0.9 mg in 3 oz
  • Lamb- 0.8 mg in 3 oz

Other non vegan sources are cereals, cheese, yeasts, plant based milks (soy, almond, coconut)

As you see B12 is crucial for the health and keeps us safe. See the early signs of lack of this vitamin and address it on time.

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